Little CMS Color Translator

Drop images to translator and get them converted into the target folder.

From any colorspace to your choice. Batch processing in a fast and intuitive way.

  • Multithreaded: Convert tons of images in batch mode. Take advantage of all the power your computer has.

  • Unattended: Drop a folder, minimize the translator and get it it back when all work is done.

  • Consistent: Color Translator does not use the OS color manager, but the littleCMS engine, which is portable and highly consistent.
    That means you will get same results on Mac and Windows.

  • Easy to use, yet extremly powerful

Use cases. Why I would want this application for?

  • To embed or remove ICC profiles in your images, converting data if necessary.
  • To get good printouts from that print service provider that only handles sRGB, but he doesn’t even know that.
  • To add color management to color-dumb hot folders.
  • To get your one-hundred AdobeRGB1998 photos published on the web without die trying.
  • To share photos with your team using a projector.
  • To prepare prepress CMYK separation and keep some control on inks.
  • To convert color spaces without PhotoShop.
  • To complement PhotoShop with gamut mapped conversions.
  • Many more…

Take full control

Convert from / to RGB, Gray, CMYK or CIE Lab. Use the provided built-ins or your favourite ICC profiles. Embed or omit the profile. 8, 16 bits and floating point.

Gamut mapping

Color translator smart intents detects common embedded profiles and perform custom gamut mapping. This is much better than what you get using the old V2 ICC profiles.

Tune the ink

Create CMYK separations on TIFF or JPEG files from any colorspace. Limit the total amount of ink to fit your needs.