Little CMS 2.9 released This is a maintenance release which solves stability issues.

About Little CMS

Little CMS intends to be an OPEN SOURCE small-footprint color management engine, with special focus on accuracy and performance. It uses the International Color Consortium standard (ICC), which is the modern standard when regarding to color management. The ICC specification is widely used and is referred to in many International and other de-facto standards. It was approved as an International Standard, ISO 15076-1, in 2005.


Little CMS 2.8 is a FULL IMPLEMENTATION of ICC specification 4.3, it fully supports all kind of V2 and V4 profiles, including abstract, devicelink and named color profiles. Check the tutorial for a exhaustive list of features.
International Color Consortium

A bit of story

Since the initial release, back in 1998, Little CMS has grown to become one of the most popular open-source color management libraries, and has been used in a large number of production projects, in areas as printer firmware, monitors, digital cameras, RIPs, publishing, scientific, and many others. You can find Little CMS in most Linux distributions, and it's released under an open source license.

Some features

  • Widely portable. Written in "C".
  • Easy to use.
  • Handles a wide range of pixel formats.
  • Supports all kind of profiles, including named color.
  • Can write profiles as well.
  • PostScript CSA and CRD generation.
  • Full multicolor support, up to 15 inks.
  • Black point compensation.
  • Black preservation on CMYK.
  • Handles incomplete state of adaptation on absolute intents.
  • Softproofing.Gamut checking.
  • CIECAM02 appearance model.
  • CGATS.17-200xsupport.
  • ICC floating point extension.
  • Many, many more...


Hi! My name is Marti Maria. As the author of LittleCMS, I would like to thank you very much for using this product. Sometimes people ask me about my motivation for making this engine freely available. I work as a color engineer for a large-format printer manufacturer, but on my spare time, I enjoy maintaining this library. This is my pet project and I do it just for fun. So, if you find this piece of code useful, have suggestions or even criticisms, please drop me a note! I appreciate all feedback.