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CMM color engine

OPEN SOURCE small-footprint color management engine, with special focus on accuracy and speed. It fully supports all kind of V2 and V4 profiles, including abstract, devicelink and named color profiles. Free under MIT License


Little CMS business model is about paid training on open-source code, so you get the code for free and then our training allows your developers to use the asset quickly and in a correct way.

Custom development

Searching for skilled engineers and programmers for a cool project? Search no more, we can do that for you. Hire us!

Color translator

Color Translator is the definitive tool for color conversion on TIFF, JPEG, PNG, OpenEXR, WebP and PDF files. Batch conversion on file lists or hot-folders. It can deal with RGB, Gray, CMYK, Lab, Multi-channel. It does black-preservation, smart intents, abstract profile adjustment chains, devicelink profiles, named color profiles, linear light color spaces and many, many more. Demo version works for free on files under 60K.

Color translator MINI

If you only need RGB conversions and don’t do PDF, Color Translator MINI is definitively for you. For the price of a cup of cofee and some cookies, you get all the color management power of color translator!

Color abstractor

The abstractor allows you to create abstract profiles for two use cases: component adjusts in a given space, what is often known as sooft-proofing and adjustments on CIE CAM16 color appearance model.

Throughput increasing plugins

If you are already using Little CMS color engine in your products and want to give it a huge thoughput boost, check out those plug-ins

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Little CMS 2.15 released

By Marti Maria on March 1, 2023

Little CMS 2.15 released I am glad to the announce the release 2.15 of the Little CMS open source color engine. This is a maintenance release. Changes New MESON build system, many thanks to amispark and Lovell Fuller for bringing this. Fixed a bug that caused memory corruption on colord cmsReadRawTag can read portions of tags again. Removing this caused colord to segfault when dumping profiles Added more checks based of fuzzer discoveries.

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Color Management on Qt with LittleCMS

By Marti Maria on December 9, 2020

I’ve been using Qt, by Qt Group for years and I must confess I am delighted. Many toolkits promises the mantra “Code once and run everywhere”, but indeed this works with Qt. Qt6 was announced few days ago. They now include some sort of color management on images QColorSpace, but still no neat way to use complex ICC V4 pipelines. In this small article I will show you how to do true RGB color management in Qt, by using LittleCMS, with very few lines of code.

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Browser check

By Marti Maria on September 9, 2020

It is Browser color management check day! As some users asked for this, I am recovering an old test I posted in lcms blog many years ago. Basically, it uses special images with crafted embedded profiles. If profiles are correctly honored, a text will show up. But not all web browsers behave equally. Here are the old tests. They only check V2 compatibility. No surprises. The images are using embedded profiles to do the trick.

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Babl throughput comparative

By Marti Maria on October 2, 2019

From time to time, I discover wonderful things like this: GIMP 2.10 release notes “GIMP now uses LittleCMS v2, which allows it to use ICC v4 color profiles. It also partially relies on the babl library for handling color transforms, since babl is simply up to 10 times faster than LCMS2 for the cases we tested both of them on. Eventually babl could replace LittleCMS in GIMP.” OMG! something seems very wrong with the Little CMS engine!

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Who is using the Little CMS engine

Some companies and applications using the free CMM engine.