Little CMS training

Hello! My name is Marti Maria. I am the author of the Little CMS color engine.

Thank you for considering our trainings on color management. Little CMS business model is about paid training on open-source code, so you get the code for free and then our training allows your developers to use the asset quickly and in a correct way. The engine has been around since about 1998 and it being used by thousands of companies with great success.

There are tons of courses on color management,

Why You should choose us?

Simple, because we actually created the color management software most others are using. If you just want to learn how to use a computer program, probably you don’t need us. If you want to understand and write color software, then we can help.

Since learning how a color manager works is not trivial, in most cases the training takes just a small fraction of the money that would otherwise cost in terms of developer time.

Takers for those courses has been more than 20 companies some of them among the big names in color industry. I don’t disclose the brands, although you are free to make public you toke the training if wish so.

I will impart the courses personally. Basically, you have 6 different tutorials / workshops to combine. A workshop does include exercises and requires a working C/C++ knowledge. A tutorial is for everyone.

You can choose whatever combination you wish, or pick the packs:

  • 1-day color science introduction for non-developers,
  • 2-day Little CMS premier for coders or
  • All together in a 3-day extended course for color experts, which is my personal recommendation.
  • I can do some of those trainings online! if you are interested let me know and I will give you a quote.

Here you can download a document with contents of every workshop and the pricing.

Download the trainings flyer Download the trainings flyer

If you’ve got any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

marti.maria {at}

Hope to see you soon!