Babl throughput comparative

From time to time, I discover wonderful things like this: GIMP 2.10 release notes “GIMP now uses LittleCMS v2, which allows it to use ICC v4 color profiles. It also partially relies on the babl library for handling color transforms, since babl is simply up to 10 times faster than LCMS2 for the cases we tested both of them on. Eventually babl could replace LittleCMS in GIMP.” OMG! something seems very wrong with the Little CMS engine!

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Little CMS 2.11 released

After a long period of inactivity, I am happy to announce the release of lcms2-2.11. It includes bug fixes and some compilation aids, like the possibility of removing the “register” modifier. MD5 is now accesible in API. PostScript CSA generation is also much better, solving historical performance issues on PostScript which affect many intepreters, Camelot, Ghostscript… Maybe the biggest difference of 2.11 with other releases lies in the bundle with the “fast float” plug-in.

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Visualizing gamuts

Days ago, a very interesting question arose in the mailing list. How can I visualiza the gamut of a profile? Little CMS does not offer direct tools to do that. But with some code, it is easy to do so. Be warned there is some hacking required. A typical profile can be thought as a “black box” that translates values from a colorimetric space, usually CIE L*a*b*, to a device space.

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